About Websba.com Cloud Computing Software

We at www.SimplifiedComputerSystems.com upland California have 1) developed the  Cloud Computing "Small Business Management" trademarked Accounting software  "WEBSBA" 2) have being using for over 15 years and 3) at the same time have being offering it as a service to other Small Business.

As we started a small computer integration business in 1986 we could find no packaged software that would perform the standard Accounting functions and also calculate the cost of a finished product that was made up of different components.  

 We developed our own PC based programs to satisfy our immediate needs and later we employed .NET Microsoft Technology,  to make the package "web based" (mow called cloud computing) allowing our clients to place orders and our Accountant to produce reports, from anywhere ate any time .

We integrated the programs with MS Access and SQL to allow specific users to access different data bases securely with different privileges.  This approach allowed us to host multiple "customer account with multiple users per account"    We provided for MS Access account data bases to be downloaded for safe keeping from the in house  Web Server that was  hosting the original domain   www.websba.com.

As the newer MS Windows Server Operating Systems improved and fast FIOS connections to the Internet became available we provided for multi-domain hosting as well that is we added a number of domains with accounts and users sharing the WEBSBA Cloud computing package as:

www.simcomsys.com   www.simcom-s.com www.centralvillage.biz www.accountinglive.biz and others.

There are still a number of domains and business accounts as : Computersb,  Restaurantsb, Realestate, Flowersb, Shoesb and other Small Business or private accounts in the original but upgraded Web Server.  All of them use MS Access data bases providing them with the capability to download the data base of the account for safe keeping.  (test ID and password; ID accounts : password restaurantb 123   ID restaurant password ID flowersbe pasword 123 flowers)

 Over the years there were other Web Servers installed in  different domain with different domain names but with the Cloud computing program accessible in a way mimicking the orignal server as : Web server "G" in one location hosting a set of Domains:  www.websbm.com  www.accnt.com www.cloudaccounting.com and others.

Web Server "F" hosting in another location hosting another set of domains and accounts as:

www.upplandoffices.com www.e-accnt.com www.e-accountingservices.com and others.

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